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Code of Conduct
Any swimmer training with or competing for the Terrace Blueback Swim Club
shall agree that:

There will be no possession or use of any drug, alcohol or tobacco in any
Swimmers will conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner at all times.
Any wilful damage occurring in a hotel, pool or other facility used by a
Blueback swimmer is the responsibility of the swimmer and/or his or her
When hotel rooms are visited by people other than the occupants of that
room, the door will be left ajar.
Swimmers will follow the rules set down by the coach and the chaperone.
All members (swimmers, parents/guardians, club representative) will treat
coaches, chaperones and team-mates in a respectful manner as a
member and representative of the club while taking part in all club
activities. Irresponsible public behaviour by swimmers can do severe
damage to the sport of swimming and to the support which all levels of
swimmers work so hard to achieve.
Any contravention of the Code of Conduct will be dealt with by the Terrace
Blueback Swim Club, through its representative(s) and may result in:
a) a swimmer being sent home at his or her own expense;
b) suspension or reparative consequence as determined by all parties
(swimmer and swimmers, parents/guardians and coach);
c) a membership evaluation by the executive.
If an objection is made to the disciplinary measures taken, an appeal in writing
from the swimmer of the family should be forwarded to the President who shall call a meeting of the Swim Club Executive to review the matter.
Registration 2016-2017
As a general outline for new and interested swimmers, we have an easy 2/3 step process:

1. 15 minute scheduled assessment where the TBSC coach will determine which group is best for your swimmer.

2. After the coaches indicated that you can join you can register with the Club's Registrar and with Swim BC.

Returning Swimmers
Welcome back in the pool.
Please follow the training schedule set out for the first 3 months of the year.

The first swim meet will be in Prince Rupert. See Swim Meets for list.

Coaches determine who can attend a Swim Meet... train hard to prepare yourself.

Please let the Registrar or coaches know in advance if you will not be finishing the swim season. 1 Calendar month notice.

There will be NO dry-land training for Red, Blue and Swimfit/Master levels.
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